Feng Shui Videos

Videos featuring Laura Morris.

Increase Positive Energy with Feng Shui
What are your home’s corners telling you? Learn how to clear out those dark and cluttered corners in your home to bring out more positive energy.
Feng Shui your Bedroom for Love
More romance anyone? See how easy it is to use Feng Shui to transform your bedroom for more love and romance.
A Feng Shui Arrangement
Learn how to make a Feng Shui arrangement to bring balance into your life using the five elements.
Feng Shui & Design: Balancing Yin and Yang Energy
See how design and Feng Shui can work together to balance yin and yang energy in your home for prosperity and good fortune.
Quick Feng Shui Fixes for the Home
Thinking your home needs a boost? Here are some quick Feng Shui fixes to bring great energy, prosperity and good fortune in your home.
Feng Shui your Entrance: Health, Peace and Prosperity
Laura creates three different entryways to bring in peace, prosperity or health. Learn how to create a specific Feng Shui theme with colour, material and intention.
Use Feng Shui to Create a Soothing Bathroom
Learn how to add zen to your bathroom, to make it a more relaxing and spa like space. Also get some inspiration from Laura’s tour of Sweet Grass Spa in Toronto.